In the ambit of encapsulated coils and of industrial connections, Atam company consolidates its ranking in the automotive sector with an upgraded, compact and integrated solution: coil and connector developed according to the most severe design criteria to work under bonnet at the regulation of cooling circuits of lithium batteries mounted on hybrid and electric vehicles.
The ultra-compact solution proposed by Atam assures forefront performances to the primary devices used for the under-bonnet thermal management such as chiller, coolant pump and intercepting valves.
To operate for a long time and efficiently, the batteries of hybrid and electric cars must be able to maintain an optimal temperature, as constant as possible in a range included between +20 °C and -40 °C, irrespective of the external temperature because excessively high temperatures damage the service life of the battery pack whereas too low ones lead to an efficiency loss.
Therefore, we can state that the decay process of batteries can be contrasted by an optimal thermal management based on increasingly sophisticated control logics and drives. The efficiency of cooling devices strongly depends on integrated functional circuits regulated by coils and connectors with specific technical features, also providing the minimum overall dimensions.