The two Ikea and Renault brands were involved in the degree thesis of the young designer Ryan Schlotthauser, who has matched the highlights of the two brands to implement the design of a cheap and sustainable electric car that can be mounted.
The vehicle is called Höga and it is conceived for the saving of those who want an electric car, precisely as in case of furniture: they cost less if they are mounted “do-it-yourself”.
The two-seater car is 1.8 metre high and 2.3 long, with four-wheel drive, for a cost of about 5,000 Euros.
«I wanted to implement something that could be user-friendly and cheap also for those who cannot afford a new expensive car, with an even cheaper solution than a second-hand car. Ikea and Renault are companies that aim at creating sustainable solutions for the mass market» – the designer Schlotthauser commented.
The idea is good and has all papers in order so that the two brands can actually shake their hands. We will see …