It had accomplished its first flight in Slovakia in July 2021 and recent days it has obtained the certificate of airworthiness. We are speaking of AirCar by Klein Vision, the flying car that might be soon produced on a large scale.
Fitness to fly was awarded by the Slovak Transport Authority, in line with the standards defined by the European Aviation Safety Agency (Aesa).
How has it achieved it? The vehicle was subjected to severe controls and operations for a total amount of 70 flight hours and more than 200 take-offs and landings.
AirCar joins the shapes of a conventional car with those of a ultralight and to shift from standard car to flying car takes just three minutes.
The electric motor that enables all this is a 160 horsepower BMW engine, combined with a propeller behind the cockpit and a ballistic parachute. It seems that the company is already working on the construction of an engine with a monocoque vehicle with variable pitch propeller that should reach speeds exceeding 300 km/h and an autonomy of 1,000 km.