Alessandro Benevelli, CCO of Benevelli Modena company, through a post on LinkedIn, has announced the release of the new high-performance electric motors for the mobility sector.
The development of the new SMAC Series 270 came as response of a growing electrification need.
It is in fact a line of ideal IPM electric motors for eMobility and Off-Highway, engineered to be compact, lightweight and power dense for use in high-performance traction, power generation, electrohydraulic systems and other specialized high-power applications.
The new SMAC Serie 270 is a range of electric motors rated 30 to 200 kW, available in voltages from 48 to 800 V. The series, which is based on a 270 mm diameter stator, incorporates four different motor lengths with 24 winding configurations to accommodate various power classes. The motors are also available in air- and liquid-cooled configurations and IP6K9K protection is available.
Benevelli, on the other hand, is a historical company in the world of the e-valley: «This year, we turn 60 and we have been involved in electric mobility for more than 20 years, so we perfectly understand the requirements of electric drivetrains – said Chief Operating Officer Alessandro Benevelli – whose company also produces transaxles, wheel drives and other electric motor types. Our modular product portfolio enables us to offer tailored mass-production solutions to meet any customer requirement».