XPENG, the manufacturer of smart electric vehicles, has recently revealed its forefront range, including its most futuristic innovation: XPENG X2 flying car.
Not released on the market, yet, it represents the fifth and last generation of flying cars, developed in collaboration with HT Aero. The car is provided with numerous hi-tech fixtures, such as the radar detection of distances, system of sensors to avoid obstacles and a parachute. It measures 4.97 metres of length, 4.78 metres of width and 1.36 metres of height and its arms can be folded, reducing the overall length to 4.79 metres and the width to 1.95 metres, while the propellers’ diameter is about 1.83 metres. With a structure fully made of carbon fibre, this flying car weighs 560 kilos, with a maximum weight at the take-off of 760 kilos. It will be able to fly for about 35 minutes at a cruise speed of 130 kilometres at a height of 1000 metres.
A brief presentation of the company headquartered at Guangzhou, in China: XPENG is strongly committed to the in-house research and development and to the smart production. More than 50% of its over 11,000 employees work in areas connected with research and development. To optimize its customers’ mobility, XPENG develops its complete technology XPILOT (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and the on-board smart operating system (Xmart OS), as well as all base systems of the vehicle, including the powerplant and the electrification/electronic architecture.