With the target of making manufacturing processes in agriculture more efficacious and sustainable, they have recently presented “Dino” machine, the latest technological novelty at disposal of Italian agricultural firms. The means is expected to be able to process four hectares of ground a day, introducing the concept of mechanical weeding because able to work fields without using chemical products.
It is an autonomous robot with four electric motors that, due to satellites, can move autonomously in horticultural fields to clean grounds without polluting and in environmental-friendly manner. This real innovation is fruit of an idea stemmed from the French start-up Naio Technologies, which will be available in agreement with Agrico company and which witnesses the intense research activity of advanced technologies by Consorzi Agrari d’Italia (Italian Agricultural Consortia).
Cai makes this sustainable technology available for all Italian agricultural companies, with the target of improving performances and decreasing corporate costs while protecting the environment and keeping agricultural products’ qualities unchanged.