The latest novelty by Yamaha Motor in the segment of electric propulsion is Harmo, an integrated motor equipped with brand-new innovative steering control, with new very interesting functions. Harmo is an outboard motor conceived with the target of integrating with nature, no matter whether they are seas, lakes or oceans. Besides, the motor mission is offering an experience, in both soft and salt water, to enjoy the peace of the surrounding environment silently and without polluting.
The technological solution is composed by an electric propulsion unit, by a remote control and a joystick for a more intuitive operation. The motor is equipped with RIM-drive technology and is mounted around the external edge of the propeller, allowing more thrust at lower speeds compared to equivalent conventional motors.
The steering offers smooth manoeuvres and sharp reactive turns, due to a broad steering angle, whereas the joystick control offers an intuitive control and a complete effortless boat management, permitting to enjoy the navigation without worrying about manoeuvres. The installation of HARMO is similar to the one of conventional outboards, that is to say by means of a bracket positioned on the transom and it is equipped with the tilt function to raise it from water when it is not used or if a boat requires grounding.
This motor is already in operation on a boat: Respiro by Venmar, manufacturer specialized in the design and production of taxi boats and pleasure boats.