Electric motors for the models by Volkswagen Group manufactured on Meb platform equip the proud Made in Italy signed by Euro Group Laminations. The company comes into play with the exclusive supply of rotors and stators for the electric traction motors of Meb modular platform at Baranzate (Mi). It is an important contract that will heighten the importance of the automotive segment of the family company, which counts 1,950 people in the world, almost half of them in Italy, where it operates with seven of its 12 factories.
«We can affirm – the CEO Marco Arduini declared- we rely on 53 years of experience and we are the number one in our segment by size, but especially we avail ourselves of advanced technologies in the various processes. Moreover, we are a family-owned company that is aware of the importance of gaining and maintaining the confidence of those turning to us».
In 2016, Euro Group entered the electric car business through the agreement with an American manufacturer, launching pad to work in China for Volkswagen Group for the eTraction architecture, used also in Europe for the e-Up and for the e-Golf.