Incoming funds up to 3,500 Euros for electric requalification expenses, and up to 60% for various stamp duties.

By Decree of the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility (MIMS), in agreement with the Ministry of the Economic Development (MiSE) they have allocated a new contribution, aimed at the promotion of the decarbonization, to pursue a higher environmental sustainability, through greener transports that favour the ecologic transition.
The subsidy measure is part of a broader government project, that starts from the forecasts of the LD Infrastructures, alias Law n. 156 dated November 9th 2021, providing for urgent measures concerning investments and safety of infrastructures, of transports and of the road circulation.
Let us see, then, in detail what it provides for and who (but especially how) can ask for it.

The subsidy measure: contributions for expenses and stamps

The funding resources, already scheduled in the budget by MIMS, amount to overall 14 million Euros.
The contribution supports the expenses of motor requalification (from endothermic to electric) of vehicles for the transport of people and goods: it covers 60% of the cost but it will not exceed 3,500 Euros, even when the reconversion spending should be higher.
Moreover, a further contribution is provided, still by 60%, for the expenses relating to stamp duty for registration with PRA, the Public Automobile Register, the stamp duty and the provincial transcription tax.

Contribution for the sustainable mobility: beneficiaries and conditions

It will be possible to ask for the contribution to all owners of minivans for the transport of people, of vehicles with more than eight seats, as well as to those who own lorries for the transport of goods (categories M1, M1G, M2, M2G, M3, M3G, N1 and N1G).
Essential condition to benefit from the concession is having installed, on one’s own vehicle, a system of electric requalification that replaces the endothermic motor.
Vehicles must be originally registered with internal combustion engine; afterwards, they will have to be transformed into electrical-traction vehicles.

Terms and expiries for the sustainable mobility contribution

To be allowed asking for the contribution, the replacement of the thermal engine will have to be successive to 10 November 10th 2021, date of entry into force of the conversion Law of the LD Infrastructures.

Until December 31st 2022, connecting with the suitable telematic platform – currently not in operation, yet – managed by Concessionaria Servizi Assicurativi Pubblici S.p.A. (CONSAP S.p.A.), it will be possible to ask for the concession.
The activation of the online page will be communicated, in the short term, on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructures and of Sustainable Mobility.
Here the official communication by MIMS.

(Marianna Capasso)