About two years ago Hpe Coxa, company specialized in services of engineering, design and precision manufacturing for the sectors of automotive, motorsport, automation, aerospace and defence, inaugurated in Modena the two E LAB and Ai LAB laboratories that establish the company’s collaboration with the Universities of Bologna and Modena in the most advanced technological fields. In particular, E LAB, in collaboration with the University of Bologna and UniMoRe, has made students work at the design, engineering and implementation of an electric motor, supervised by “senior” engineers: in just nine months they have given birth to a unique item, the “demonstrator”. Today, they go on innovating in that direction and in Modena the excellence centre for the Artificial Intelligence is established, due to the collaboration between Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HPE COXA, further raising the bar of the development of solutions, including electric motors. This synergy will lead them to explore together the new opportunities of the data age for the industrial sector.
Combining design skills and competences that range from high-performance mechanical engineering to the most recent IT technologies, the two partners will develop a common ecosystem committed to innovation and based on Open Innovation principles.