The mission of the innovative start-up Mazzanti Automotive Testing & Innovation Lab, consisting of Mazzanti Automobili, Italian manufacturer of craft Supercars custom-designed and of Netcom Group, Neapolitan engineering company, is manufacturing, in a specific factory in Campania, high-performance electrified and also full-electric motors for supercars.
The project, in which take part also the Italian University spinoffs eProInn and ePowerIng, aims at developing innovative solutions, starting from the ones that can be immediately implemented on Mazzanti Automobili cars and developing on-board devices to make them safer and more technological.
This partnership intends to create advanced electrical technologies, giving soon the opportunity of consolidating a primacy of quality and technological content of high prestige in Italy and in Campania territory, besides innovating the manufacturing modalities in the modern automotive, maintaining high craftsmanship and customization.