Thanks to Soma (Lightweight Solutions for e-Mobility by AM for Soft Magnetic Alloys) project, funded by the European Union and supported by EIT Raw Materials, Elkem, a manufacturer of silicon-based materials, has developed an iron-silicon powder intended for the 3D printing of components for electric motors.
The developed iron-silicon powder is characterized by its exceptional soft magnetic properties, which makes it ideal for application in electric motors: user-friendly magnetization and demagnetization are fundamental for the efficient operation of these motors.
The powder, manufactured in small batches using an atomiser by Future Materials, the Norwegian Catapult Center at Kristiansand, has already been used successfully to print 3D components intended for electric motors, and quality estimates and prototype manufacturing followed the process.
The powder, a key product of this initiative, is now on the market thanks to Elkem, which is assessing its potential for production on a commercial scale. Currently, it is available in small quantities for test purposes.