To implement its first electric vehicle for the sorted waste collection, Nord Engineering, protagonist in the sector of the smart waste management, has chosen Volvo Trucks, more precisely Volvo FE 6×2 Electric. The vehicle is fully electric, with a maximum power of 540 HP, total ground mass of 27 Tons and it is equipped with four battery packs, with 66 kWh batteries. Moreover, it is configured with the Easy collection system, innovative automated green solution for the intelligent waste management according to smart city principles.
«We have ideated and patented Easy – explained Andrea Fissore, Marketing Manager of Nord Engineering – an automated system of waste collection unique in the world, which includes both the equipped vehicle and collection containers. Our system has been chosen by municipalities and companies in over 20 Countries in the world, from America to Dubai, which have acknowledged our capability of developing smart, safe and efficient collection technologies. We have chosen Volvo Trucks because it shares our same awareness of the environment, the unceasing evolution is a constant factor of its history and its electric vehicles, immediately available, have a technological edge».
Easy system permits to optimize the entire collection process in full safety: without leaving the cabin, through a joystick, a single operator activates the equipment that automatically hooks, empties and repositions the container.
Moreover, due to the cloud, containers communicate with vehicles and the center to be emptied when they are almost full.