SUV XC40 Recharge by Volvo brand will be equipped with Analog Devices technology.
In the specific case, it will be provided with integrated circuits (IC) by ADI for the BMS – Battery Management System and for the Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B).
This model ranked among the finalists in the commercial vehicle category of the North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year™ Awards 2021 of Nactoy, the Awards that reward the best vehicles of the year. Assignment criteria are excellence in innovation, design, safety, drive experience, driver’s satisfaction and product value.
Vertically entering the technology, BMS performances are fundamental to let XC40 Recharge P8 keep the promise of a silent powerful and emission-free drive experience while integrated circuits satisfy the highest global safety standards and can be implemented on several battery typologies, for instance cobalt-free ones, par example the more socially and environmentally sustainable lithium-iron-phosphate (LIP).
ADI circuits provide accuracy along the entire vehicle service life, significantly increasing kilometres per charge and represent a scalable solution on the whole vehicle fleet, from hybrid to full electric vehicles.
Audio solutions based on A2B and on Sharc® audio processor by Analog Devices offer a better experience in the car interior, in sustainable manner: ADI solutions allow connecting the audio system in a low latency bus architecture that assures high audio fidelity and allows saving up to 50 kg of cables and insulation panels in the vehicle. Besides, decreasing the vehicle weight and maximising autonomy, these technologies allow reaching an overall interesting cost for the electric vehicle.