Patented by Carpanelli Motori Elettrici, GHA Carpanelli motors are a new line of electric motors with silver treatment, with remarkable antibacterial properties, ideal for the food and pharmaceutical sectors where maintaining a clean and aseptic environment is indispensable. They are ideated for aluminium-alloy motors and they represent a valid alternative to stainless steel electric motors, or to other expensive treatments where hygiene is priority. The G.H.A. (Golden Hard Anodizing) treatment is an innovative technology to be applied to aluminium alloys. The patented proceeding with anodic oxidizing enriched with silver ions provides the treated surface with exceptional anti-bacterial, anti-corrosive, anti-wear and thermal conductivity properties, moreover a protective layer of ceramic type, very hard, heat-refractory and unremovable is generated. The high conductivity of the silver-treated aluminium allows the motor to disperse heat with a 10-time higher contribution than stainless steel, therefore the casing remains colder. The fact of working at lower environmental temperatures assures a longer duration of components and an inferior condensate capacity. Moreover, the motor does not constitute a danger for the operators who might get in touch with it. The efficiency degree of the electric motor as well is favoured by the lower temperature. The antibacterial property of silver as well allows using these motors also in contact with foods, preventing and avoiding the bacterial proliferation and almost “sanitizing” foods themselves, interesting advantage for the companies that must comply with the international regulations for the hygienic product guarantee.