Porsche Engineering will invest 80 million Euros in the next 4 years, for the enhancement of the “Technical center” at Nardò, in Lecce province (Italy), to make it a world excellence centre on software and hardware tests for the smart driving of future machines.
Michele Emiliano, president of Puglia Region, declared: «It was a phantastic work meeting with Porsche and with this big company that manages the centre at Nardò. We are working together at its sustainable development to allow tests on the cars of the future. The commitment by Porsche, in particular with the introduction of these new technologies connected with testing, will aid us in overcoming the problems that the automotive industry is living in Puglia, and Porsche is our partner in this process».
As enthusiastic the witness, as response, by Michael Steiner, Research and Development Manager and member of Porsche AG board: «We thank Puglia Region for the attention paid to our test programmes about the car of the future. We have discussed about the possibility of displacing to Puglia the tests about the electric mobility, connectivity, software and automated guide. We have great programmes to look ahead together».