It is called Thermo King®, it stems from Trane Technologies and ranks among the first in Europe that have achieved the ISO certification as zero carbon emission line. We are speaking of the system of refrigerated trailers that matches fully electric refrigeration unit and highly efficient battery energy storage for the reliable and sustainable transport of foods and medicines. The sustainable battery allows the refrigerating unit to operate autonomously and to keep the load at the optimal temperature, even with the vehicle off; on the other hand, the transport at controlled temperature is subjected to the strictest safety requisites. Thermo King® technology can guarantee the necessary temperature to delicate goods and at the same time reduce consumptions, emissions and noise. The company is committed to investing over 100 million USD in the lapse of three years to produce a fully electric equipment in each segment of the cold chain, within 2023 in EMEA area and within 2025 in Americas.
A gem: the Thermo King solution has been appointed among over 100 applications as one of the seven finalists of Solutrans Prize for innovation.