After six weeks of activity, the works in Munich plant, where they will manufacture the BMW i4 electric car, have been accomplished. It was necessary to intervene on the assembling system because the manufacturing concept of the new model is different from conventional architectures. The assembling is fully automated and uses camera systems to control automatically if the 550-Kg battery pack is correctly positioned on the line.

Moreover, the production plant is equipped with a new aerial electric conveyor, together with conveyors in the vehicle arrival zone.

The new sedan will have an electric motor featuring 530 HP of power, will adopt the fifth-generation eDrive technology and will reach the same performance level as a V8 combustion engine.

The motor power supply is entrusted to an 80 kWh battery, with modern cell technology, which guarantees 600 km of autonomy.

The recharge is supported up to 150 kW and in 6 minutes it is possible to recharge the sufficient energy to travel for about 100 kilometres, whereas in about 35 minutes you refill 80% of energy.

The BMW i4 release is expected in 2021.