Nowadays, no e-road bike reaches the same lightness levels that it would have with the X-Tend motor, weighing just 1.2 Kg, designed by the French Mavic. The normalized power corresponds to 250 watts and the peak one reaches 390 watts, the driving torque is 37 Nm with peak of 50 Nm.
The total weight of Mavic X-Tend, including the bearings of the central movement and the power meter is equal to 3.2 Kg. Mavic has started working at this project since 2016, identifying in the weight one of the factors that have prevented electric bikes from knowing a popularity resembling e-Mtb.
The new brushless Mavic X-Tend motor with cycloidal reduction gear has been tested for over 120,000 Km. Currently, the motor is fully engineered and ready for the mass-production, for which it is anyway waiting for investors, in order to really enable the release on the market.