Since 2000-year, the Bolognese Marposs has started a programme of takeovers of sound and well-structured companies. The last of them is Solarius, located in the Silicon Valley, which provides engineering, applicative and productive competences that cover the whole life cycle, from the design to the installation, the commissioning, the training, the applicative support, the repair and the maintenance of precision systems for the inspection, the measuring, the analysis and the visualization for non-contact surfaces. Its solutions match high-resolution sensors with automated data collection systems and powerful analysis software tools.
The move by Marposs of taking over Solarius is aimed at further enlarging its range of solutions for the optical measurement in other phases of the manufacturing process, including the “back-end” stage.
“With the purchase of Solarius, we further expand our range of solutions for optical measurement into other phases of the production process including the “back-end” phase. In particular, it offers solutions for customers operating in the consumer electronics, green energy and in the semiconductor sector, an industry that is in constant growth, due to its fundamental role in the digital technological evolution and towards e-mobility”, Marposs explained in a press release.