The focus direction towards the electric mobility is also highlighted by recent corporate strategies. The latter include the takeover of 80% of FASP, company that develops technological systems for the manufacturing of electric motors by IMA Group, operating in the design and production of automated machines for the packaging of pharmaceutical and food products, drinks and cosmetics, which is part of BC Partners and of Vacchi family.
Established in 1981, FASP operates in the production of stand-alone machines, of complex plants as well as in the implementation of fully automated turnkey lines.
The company supplies innovative efficient solutions to electric motor manufacturers that operate in a broad range of sectors: automotive, electric vehicles, domotics, lifts, electro-pumps, submerged motors, energy generators and various industrial applications concerning the winding and wire insertion technology.
This takeover implements the portfolio of solutions with high technological content supplied by IMA in the field of automated machines for the production of electric motors.