The new range of Turntide Axial Flux motors has a design characterized by a configuration with double stator and single rotor and offers a series of advantages in comparison with conventional radial flux motors, including more compact sizes, torque by 30-40% higher, more power density and precise control.
They are motors ideated to replace radial-flux motors in applications such as commercial vehicles, building machines, hybrid vessels, industrial robots, fans for FC radiators, hydraulic pumps and in all places where the space and the weight are limited and efficiency is important.
“Unlike radial-flux motors, axial flux motors have a distinct geometry where the direction of the magnetic flux is parallel to the motor’s rotation axis. This design offers higher torque and power, even using the same electric components of radial-flux motors. Moreover, due to an extremely low length/axial diameter ratio, axial-flux motors are “flat” and have a smaller and lighter form factor than radial motors”, Turntide states.