The demand for efficient micro-electronics for electrified vehicles, as well as for automated and connected ones, is rising.
The EU Commission through the IPCEI ME/CT, which has just been approved and is funded by the participating member states with a total of 8.1 billion euros.
Up to 175 million euros will be made available in Austria – a considerable portion of which will go to AVL.
Therefore, AVL is investing more than 50 million Euros in the test and in the validation of new semiconductor chips, sensors and power electronics for battery-powered vehicles. In the next four years, the company will massively invest in the research and implementation of high-precision development tools based on hardware and software and in validation technologies for chips, sensors and power electronics. “We focus on the optimization of the interaction of all components of the electric powertrain”, declared Andreas Klug, Head of R&T of AVL.