SAE International has now chosen the Mahle positioning system as the global standard solution for wireless charging. The internationally renowned non-profit association for the progress of mobility technologies, based in the USA, thus closes the last gap in standardization of inductive charging that has been unfilled for ten years. The cross-manufacturer solution from Mahle now paves the way for the comprehensive and rapid market launch of this attractive alternative to wired charging for batteries and electric and hybrid vehicles.
The Mahle positioning system Dips (Differential Inductive Positioning System) represents a paradigm shift in the field of e-mobility. It is based on a magnetic field and automatically establishes a connection with the controlled charging point as the electric vehicle approaches. A special navigation system in the vehicle display supports the driver, and the car is soon in the ideal position. The charging process begins automatically. This also works with an autonomous parking vehicle, where the parking system receives the necessary positioning instructions instead of the driver. Thanks to the unique Mahle positioning system, the parking process can be carried out very easily and reproducibly in one go. And this also applies to unfavourable environmental conditions such as snow cover or wet leaves on the bottom plate.
In terms of charging infrastructure, Mahle has long relied on wireless charging, which is a convenient and promising alternative for electric vehicles. «Siemens and Witricity are two strong partners at our side with whom we are jointly advancing the complete system of charging infrastructure and automotive engineering» said Dr. Harald Straky, Head of Corporate Research and Advanced Engineering at Mahle.