Duxion Motors has successfully accomplished the ground test of its patented eJet motor: the motor prototype has had a positive outcome at both low and high speed. Rick Pilgrim, President and CEO of Duxion Motors declared: “The eJet motor is the first rim-driven jet propulsion motor in the world, able to match the existing jet motor thrust but without emissions. The eJet motor is new, scalable and can be configured to power a large base of airframes. We never doubted this day would come. Our confidence is rooted in the years of research, the innovation and quality of the design, and the depth of expertise and relentless passion within the Duxion team,” adds Mr. Pilgrim. “This is only the beginning.”
The world’s fleet of over 30,000 jet-powered aircraft account for 2.5% of global CO₂ emissions. The eJet motor replaces traditional, fossil fuel burning engines, enabling the transition to zero-emissions flight for jet aircraft. The eJet is also quieter than combustion jet engines, which will enhance passenger comfort and impactfully reduce noise pollution for the global community.