A University project carried out by Tiziano Montella, Master’s Student in Managerial Engineering at Alma Mater in Bologna, in collaboration with Bonfiglioli, was aimed at defining a hybrid conversion solution for ambulances, based on the use of a kit manufactured by the company, made up by a high-efficiency electric motor and an advanced electronic control system.
The project was organized in two phases. «In the first, we have explored ten different application fields in order to identify new market opportunities for Bonfiglioli products. In the second phase, we have focused on the implementation of a hybrid solution for ambulances, which provides for the replacement of the conventional internal combustion engine with an electric system», the student explained.
The work methodology was focused on the information collection through interviews carried out with a broad range of stakeholders, including nurses, ambulance drivers and vehicle outfitting providers. «Due to this attentive analysis of users’ requirements and preferences, we have developed a customized efficient solution that allows the transition of a conventional vehicle into an ecologically sustainable solution, significantly reducing the environmental impact and improving the energy efficiency. The kit at stake is intended for ambulance outfitting suppliers, which will be able to integrate it easily into their conversion processes».
Moreover the system includes a customized configuration of the motor in P4 position, the latter indicates the motor arrangement on the vehicle’s rear axles (rear 4 wheels), instead of on the front axis. This configuration allows improving the vehicle’s energy efficiency and handiness, since the traction is more uniformly distributed on the four wheels. Furthermore, it enables a higher design freedom and a better balancing of the vehicle’s weight.