On January 8th 2023 PoliMOVE team of Milan Polytechnics won the second edition of Indy Autonomous Challenge at CES in Las Vegas, an elimination tournament with multiple rounds of head-to-head racing between two teams. Results? The team’s car reached the maximum speed of 290Km/h, new world record on track for an unmanned car. Pushing the boundaries of autonomous guide head-to-head racing, PoliMOVE competed at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway against nine teams coming from seventeen Universities of six Countries worldwide. The second place was conquered by TUM Autonomous Motorsport of Technische Universität in Munich.
Sergio Savaresi, Ordinary Professor of Automatics at Polytechnics declared: «Precisely one year after our first victory, we were so proud and excited of having returned to Las Vegas for the Autonomous Challenge. This victory represents for us an important step forward in terms of speed, competition complexity and management of challenging head-to-head situations. We are very happy of this success, for the contribution by the Indy Autonomous Challenge and by all teams in making the artificial intelligence applied to drive improve».