The goal is making a bang. We are speaking of C-8 electric motorboat, the latest new-born by the Swedish start-up Candela, strongly inspired by Tesla’s philosophy.
The CEO of Candela, Gustav Hasselskog presented C-8 as the model that will start the industrial production: «It is our first mass-produced product that will pave the way to a wider market than the current one for electric boating. The cost is equal or inferior to the one of many conventional motorboats in the 30-foot range. However, once bought, it needs minimum maintenance and, due to the efficient system of foils, the driving cost is by 95% lower compared to the boats with combustion engine».
The question arises spontaneously: how much does it cost? It seems that the amount reaches about 290,000 Euros, taxes excluded.
Let us go anyway into technical details: C-Pod motor is located under the keel and it seems it can be used for 3,000 hours in all maintenance-free. The boat is also equipped with a fly-by-wire with automated pilot functions for an almost autonomous guide on long distances.
C-8 has a length of 8.5 metres and a width of 2.5 metres, with a cruise speed of 20/22 knots and maximum speed of 30 knots. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery is equal to 44 kWh for an autonomy of 50 nautical miles.