Yanmar CE will present its range of compact machines consisting of fully electric wheel loaders, excavators and tracked minidumpers. The three excavators powered by electric motor and equipped with a hydraulic open-centre hydraulic system with Load Sensing hydraulic pump are SV17e, V8e and C08e.
With a gross power of usable 23.5 kWh and 19 kWh, the air-cooled 48V model offer high excavation and lifting performances. The electric V8e 4.5 t wheel loader is instead equipped with an 800-l bucket and with a hydrostatic transmission and has a powerful 11 kW charge capacity in the standard configuration and of 22 kW in the quick optional charge. Finally, the C08 minidumper C08e by Yanmar, weighing 555 kg, combines compact sizes with a 11.5 kWh battery and a 24V capacity.
With the “electric” issue as thread wire of Yanmar CE participation in Intermat, V7 and V7-HW wheel loaders have been implemented on a new platform able to support both diesel and electric motors. Released in diesel configuration, they fill a gap in the smallest segment of the company’s range of wheel loaders. Lighter by around half ton in comparison with the other bigger machines in Yanmar range, V7 weighs 4,250 kg and has the 0.7 m3 capacity of the standard bucket, while the V7 H-W (Heavy Weight) – due to 200 kg of additional ballast integrated into the machine – weighs 4,450 kg, with a bucket capacity of 0.8 m3.