Aircore Mobility is the electric axial flux motor by the Texan Infinitum, designed to achieve higher efficiency by decreasing the use of copper and to be adapted to various vehicle sizes, without affecting performances.

The core of everything is the innovative technology that replaces the conventional copper-wound iron stator with a stator of the printed circuit board, the PCB. The use of the PCB stator implies a lighter weight and a lower demand for raw materials, assuring – according to Infinitum – 10-time higher reliability, with significant reductions of mechanical losses, noise and vibrations. The Aircore Mobility powertrain exploits a design that increases by even five times the current density in comparison with a conventional liquid-cooled electric motor.
“The Aircore EC provides the market’s most comprehensive range of power and frame sizes along with IoT capabilities, bringing smart motor technology to a wide range of HVAC and industrial applications”, states Infinitum.