The University can prove to be a hotbed able to make whole sectors evolve. It is always precious to underline the school’s key role, especially concerning STEM subjects that have the entire potential to improve the world. An excellent example is represented by Jacopo Ferretti, fresh graduate in Electric Drive Engineer during his master of Electric Vehicle Engineering at University of MUNER who has developed some cool University projects with the target of innovating in the ambit of electric motors.
«I was asked to analytically design two electric motors using Matlab, and to validate them using Finite Element Analysis, with FEMM». The motors under investigation were 28kW Induction Motor and 55kW Surface Permanent Magnet Motor.
«The main difficulty during this project was to use and to understand all the equation seen during the course. I have to admit that I spent a lot of time troubleshooting and understanding why my outputs were not so great! At least, it was a great experience and I have learned a lot of new things regarding EM that were unclear for me».
Recently, on Linkedin, the neo-engineer has made available his reports Induction and SPM motor design, Citycar comfort evaluation, comparing suspension in case of traditional and In-wheel powertrain, and Electromagnetic Compatibility,