What do Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, the actor Robert Downey Jr., Hollywood star in the armour of Iron Man and Tony Fadell, father of the iPhone, have in common?
The trust with extreme conviction the Californian Turntide start-up, competing in the race of the electric motor development, and for this reason they have contributed in the relative funding that has reached 80 million dollars.
The design of Turntide motor, supposed to have 25% higher efficiency than the systems used today, dates back to 1838, but the production could start only recently due to the release of cheap microchips for computers.
«They have understood – stated Robert Downey Jr. – how to use a 19th century technology and to exploit the software to implement the potential it has always had».
The new electric motor can turn magnets on and off inside the motor 20,000 times per second, reducing the electricity consumption up to 30%.
The managing director of Turntide, Ryan Morris, has described the product as “software wound in metal “, which allows the company to control the necessary intellectual property to operate the motor.
Currently, Turntide is replacing old electric motors in large buildings’ ventilation systems: in 2020, it replaced 5,000 of these motors and aims at implementing 50,000 overall in the current year. The great goal is however making electric motors more efficient and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.