The race to the full electric is priority for an ever-increasing number of brands, aware of the necessary mobility direction. Each winning idea might make the difference; just for this reason Hyundai, Kia and LG Chem have released EV & Battery Challenge, a challenge aimed at selecting 10 start-ups specialized in electric cars and batteries for potential investments and collaborations.
Hyundai Motor Group, for instance, pursues the ambitious target of releasing on the market 44 “green” cars within 2025, 23 of which are electric.
New Energy Nexus, the international organization that supports start-ups, is entrusted with the task of managing the competition, in which will be selected the ten start-ups that will have the opportunity of working in strict collaboration with Hyundai, Kia and LG Chem and of developing proofs of concept, benefitting from the technical expertise, the resources and the laboratories of the three international brands that aim at enhancing their technological competences.