Established in 2008, Aria is one of the primary Italian companies specialized in the design and manufacturing of mini-wind turbines. Recently, the company has understood that in agriculture the electric motor can prove to be a great ally and provide various advantages in comparison with the endothermal motor and they have so developed the Antifrost 3-22 fan, driven by an electric motor without transmission gears.
Due to its optimized three-blade rotor, directly coupled with a state-of-the-art permanent magnet electric motor, the anti-frost fan assures a high speed of the airflow. Instead of increasing the rotor’s size or using more and more powerful, and then more expensive and polluting, motors, the team of engineers has chosen adopting a green silent technology that, concentrating the airflow, makes it more powerful, reaching a maximum coverage of 5 hectares.
The electric motor and the absence of mechanical transmission gears eliminate the problems caused by months of stop, so reducing maintenance costs, on the contrary relevant in case of endothermal motor.
The electric motor also involves operational advantages: with the conventional technology, machines orient themselves at random and, in many cases, airflows obstruct one another, whereas it is possible to synchronize the rotation of more machines in the same field, in order to keep the orientation of each of them always aligned with all others’.