According to what explained by Peugeot, today the new E-5008 is the only full electric SUV that can offer a space on-board for 7 passengers and electric range up to 660 km. Since the early phases designed as an electric model, the new Peugeot E-5008 is equipped with a range of zero-emission motors that offer an electric range from 500 to 660 km, including an AWD Dual Motor version and a Long Range version. The range of permanent magnet synchronous motors offers better efficiency: the 2-wheel drive version provides 157 kW (345 Nm) or 170 kW (345 Nm) and delivers a total power of 237 kW (157 kW at the front and 80 kW at the rear). The front motor supplies 345 Nm of torque and the rear motor 170 Nm. The lithium-ion 400-V high voltage battery with NMC (nickel, manganese and cobalt) chemical composition is placed under the floor and powers the electric motor for traction.
Peugeot E-5008 benefits from the new Stla Medium platform by Stellantis, in an elongated configuration compared to E-3008. Designed for the Group’s electric vehicles, it supplies a record energy quantity among wheels, with a maximum of 98 kWh.