They have recently announced the extension of Citroen C5 Aircross range: the SUV by the French brand now is also available with the new Hybrid 136 motors, based on the Hybrid 48V technology and also on a 48V battery that is recharged during some driving phases and a new ë-DCS6 gearbox that includes a 21-kW electric motor.
The electric synchronous permanent magnet motor has a maximum torque of 55 Nm, a 48V belt-driven starter motor and a new 6-speed ë-DCS6 electrified gearbox with dual clutch and no torque interruption. T
he battery is 48-V lithium ions with an available capacity of 432 Wh. The car is also equipped with a voltage converter, through which part of the electricity produced by the 48-V electric motor is also transformed into 12 V to power the car equipment.
Citroen stated that Hybrid 136 issues 15% of CO2 less than the equivalent non-electrified petrol version.