TrueActive™ Spool Valve (TASV) technology by Multimatic comes into play by revolutionizing the role of shock absorbers, transforming a passive suspension into a completely active system.
Multimatic TASV shock absorber is pioneer to integrate a unique liquid cooled 48V three-phase brushless electric motor to deliver supplemental force through a bespoke twin-lead ball screw and gearbox assembly into the damper shaft and to the vehicle.
Each actuator group of the TASV shock absorber receives direct controls from a controller of the vehicle dynamics that constantly optimizes the vehicle’s performances and passengers’ drive comfort, far beyond what is possible with adaptive and semi-adaptive suspensions.
Alessandro Formenti, CEO at Vega Cylinders Company commented, complimenting on the choice of Ferrari Purosangue: “Imagine to drive your car without perceiving how you are moving. No longer feeling motor accelerations or pitching when cornering. It seems unbelievable, isn’t it? It seems a very distant choice from the sport driving. However it is the choice Ferrari made by installing some suspensions that annul drive sensations. These active suspensions have an electric 48V motor inside, connected with a special computer that reacts to the car’s stresses. Ferrari affirms this system helps fight load transfers and body movement, almost eliminating lateral body roll and shifting and distributing the load across the tyres. #Purosangue does not need anti-roll bars”.