Last April 14th took place the first meeting of the cycle of technical insights “Electric Motors Talks”, a digital initiative by University of L’Aquila and Coiltech, as response to the cancellation of Coiltech Deutschland 2021 exhibition scheduled in May.
Spotlights were cast on tests and the high efficiency of electric motors, with the attendance of representatives of the academic world and of the industrial field: research and production, on the other hand, are the key pair for sector developments and its innovation potential.
Prof. Marco Villani, from University of L’Aquila and technical manager of our review Electric Motor Engineering, published by Tecniche Nuove, chaired the meeting. In the course of the event, Prof. Edoardo Fiorucci, from University of L’Aquila, intervened, focusing the attention on the uncertainty evaluations in efficiency measurements. He explained a concept to give a numeric estimation of the measurement quality.
It is probable to obtain different measurement results even for the same parameter of an object under test, if the measurements are performed in different ways, or a different measurement setup is adopted.
Finally, the processing of the extended uncertainties in the measurement or efficiency can lead to additional issues concerning the classification of one tested motor, in comparison to IE efficiency levels.
Another academic speech was by Prof. Alberto Tessarolo from University of Trieste who spoke of Regenerative full-load testing of modular high-power machines that constitutes an alternative to the back-to-back method. The professor assessed that off-shore wind generation is expected to grow faster and faster in the next future towards increasing power levels. The direct-drive solution is one of the most promising thanks to its reliability. However, this solution issues committing challenges in terms of generator manufacturing and factory testing.

Electric Motors for Aerospace Applications 28/04/2021 10.30-12.00
Design of Electric Motors for the Automotive Applications 12/05/2021 10.30-12.00; 14:30-16:00
Cooling of Electric Motors 26/05/2021 10.30-12.00
Magnetic Materials 09/06/2021 10.30-12.00
Manufacturing of Electric Motors for the Automotive Industry 23/06/2021 10.30-12.00
Insulating Materials 07/07/2021 10.30-12.00
For the industrial witness, the speech by Alberto Rubino from Spin focused on the new generation of high-efficiency, silent & rare-earth free reluctance motors. Synchronous reluctance (SR) motors and the Ferrite assisted versions are today valid alternatives to PM synchronous machines with Rare Earth magnets.
The relator has explained how vibrations’ behaviour has been investigated to get a very low torque and force ripples by means of multidisciplinary optimization.
Some solutions of Rare Earth free SR motors developed by Spin Applicazioni Magnetiche are also presented for different power and speed values, including a detailed comparison between simulation and test results concerning the electromagnetic and vibration response of the motor.
SR motors and Ferrite PMASR versions are now suitable for low-cost / high-performance use in e-mobility, industrial and automation applications.
Moreover, Dragana Popovic Renella from Senis AG company, went into the detail of the fast magnetic angle sensor for smooth motor control: Senis is moving the limits of the feasible in magnetometry and sensor technology.
Sebastian Kuester, CEO of Quickfairs, ended the event and reminded next meetings of Webinar cycle.
(by Lara Morandotti)