Danfoss Drives, which produces intelligent inverters for the control of electric motors, has launched DrivePro® Life Cycle assistance services, a range of solutions that, customizable according to the different and specific applicative requirements, offer 24/7 spare part packages, predictive maintenance solutions, assistance for the plant start-up and guarantee extension up to 6 years. DrivePro® Site Assessment is an energy audit service studied to grant the smart management of the installed fleet of drives, not only by Danfoss brand but also by other brands, in view of operational efficiency and optimization of maintenance interventions.
Through the accurate analysis of the data collected from the field, it allows taking targeted decisions on the maintenance type, planning of interventions, retrofit and/or future drive upgrades.
Danfoss inverters are “motor and system independent”, that is to say they allow controlling any kind of motor technology: standard asynchronous motors, with permanent magnets (up to the efficiency class IE4) and reluctance synchronous ones. The customers that already use the service include Coca Cola Brazil, Rajarambapu sugar factory and Arla Foods.