BorgWarner will integrate 1200 and 750 V power devices of EliteSiC series by onsemi in its own Viper power modules for traction inverters, specifically ideated to enhance electric vehicles’ performances. The collaboration between the two players was born just for silicon carbide devices (SiC): the signed agreement – the companies announce – will generate profits exceeding one billion Euros in the lapse of its own duration. onsemi supplies the products of high-performance EliteSiC range assuring the high standards, in terms of quality, reliability and supply continuity demanded by the market of traction for electric vehicles.
“onsemi’s strategy that provides for unceasing investments aimed at increasing the manufacturing capacity of SiC devices by exploiting its own end-to-end supply chain – underlined Stefan Demmerle, vice president of BorgWarner and President and General Manager of the PowerDrive Systems division – grants us the possibility of going on supporting the steeply rising demand for our solutions, both now and in the future”.
Silicon carbide traction inverters by BorgWarner already at present grant more efficiency, higher cooling performances and faster recharge speeds. Thanks to the use of EliteSic technology, the solutions by BorgWarner will be characterized by even higher power density and efficiency levels, with consequent increment of both the autonomy and the overall performances of electric vehicles.
“The integration of EliteSic technology into traction inverters allows increasing electric vehicles’ energy efficiency – affirmed Simon Keeton, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Power Solutions Group of onsemi – contributing to mitigating the fuelling anxiety, one of the major hindrances to the adoption of electric vehicles.