The sale of the first models is expected by the second half of 2024.
The Israeli manufacturer of inverters and batteries SolarEdge has unveiled a bi-directional DC-coupled electric vehicle charger for electric motors. The DC-coupled architecture of the device allows the simultaneous charging of electric vehicles directly from photovoltaic systems, from residential batteries and from the grid.
The battery charger is connected with a single-phase or three-phase inverter by a DC bus circuit that can be oversized up to 200%, permitting to recharge the electric vehicle with the photovoltaic energy in excess. The battery charger has a charge/discharge speed of 12/24 kW and a DC to DC 99% peak efficiency. The sizes of the device are 620 mm x 340 mm x 200 mm, it weighs 22 kg and is provided with a 7-metre cable. It can operate at temperatures included between -30 C and 50 C is equipped with an envelope classified IP-65 for internal and external use.
V2G applications allow automatically charging and discharging electric vehicles’ battery according to the dynamic prices of utilities. This permits house owners to receive payments by their electricity provider by discharging the energy of electric vehicles’ battery stored in the net during events of response to the demand.
Moreover, users can use the electric vehicle’s battery to carry out the backup of their dwellings when the vehicle is parked by using a V2H application. The battery has a maximum capacity of 50 kWh.
“The battery charger will be compatible with both powertrains for electric vehicles featuring 400 V and 800 V through a CSS standard connector”, stated Solar Edge in a note.