At Monastier di Treviso they have recently cut the ribbon of the new advanced technological pole dedicated to the electric mobility.
Fruit of an investment of over 20 million Euros, the plant of the e-Powertrain division of TEXA is intended for the implementation of sophisticated inverter systems, vehicle control units and powertrains of electric vehicles.
The company, already in 2018, started the first research and development activities on axial-flux electric powertrains and on the units for the transformation of the direct current into alternating one. In the short term, the plant provides, precisely at the side of the current e-Powertrain factory, for the construction of a new building that should be developed on three floors and will have a total surface of 15,000 square metres.
Bruno Vianello, President of TEXA, has revealed he has signed two pluriannual agreements with primary automotive companies. The factory integrates two ISO 8 cleanrooms and the Automotive Engineering department, which designs the new systems and lines dedicated to e-Powertrain products, the Prototype Laboratory and the Technological Laboratory.
“The e-Powertrain division of TEXA aims at bringing a tangible evolution into the sector, investing in research and development and turning to young talents who will operate side by side with expert professionals. With an investment of over 20 million Euros and a surface of 24,000 square metres, TEXA has inaugurated the innovative e-Powertrain plant at Monastier di Treviso, with the goal of redefining the future of the electric mobility and of representing the new benchmark for the recovery of the national automotive sector”, Texa published.