Comau recently unveiled electric activation and cell testing technologies as part of its full range of e-mobility solutions, offering a European alternative to the battery manufacturing process. The goal is to support customers at all stages, from lab-tested prototypes to giga-scale production. Comau’s proprietary technology offerings for electrical cell activation include the core processes that transform assembled cells into stable, electrically charged batteries-a crucial step in the battery manufacturing process, involving a series of charge and discharge cycles that ensure optimal cell performance and durability.
Comau also participates in several pan-European e-Mobility projects. For example, the company is helping to develop a more compact solution of electrical cell activation chambers and a storage management strategy, optimizing the recovery and reuse of electricity and heat.
«Demand for batteries is estimated to increase significantly between now and 2030, supported in large part by the goal of creating an autonomous European supply chain. Despite some recent uncertainty about the growth rate, the battery market is estimated to exceed 170 billion euros in 2030. Our extensive expertise and versatility will enable us to respond to these changing scenarios,» explained Pietro Gorlier, CEO of Comau.