Omron Electronic Components Europe has launched a new high-capacity DC relay aimed at high-capacity home energy storage systems (ESS), bi-directional chargers for electric vehicles, and UPS systems. With a maximum voltage of 800 VDC and a maximum current of 100 A, G9KB-E is ideal for meeting the growing demand for higher voltages and currents from battery applications, particularly in the 15 to 40 kW range. «The relay has the same size and weight as the standard G9KB series models, but achieves 33% higher maximum switching voltage and 50% higher current. Thus, it offers designers new opportunities to reduce the number of relays per system while taking advantage of higher power capacity and a smaller footprint,» Omron explained. The G9KB-E has bidirectional DC switching capability, which allows the use of a single device to replace two unidirectional relays. The device offers a nominal contact resistance of 5 milliohm, resulting in less heat generation for more efficient performance for higher reliability and durability.