The Ecobonuses for the purchase of electrified cars have officially restarted in Italy, due to an allocation of further 100 million Euros. Since October 27th 2021, electric vehicles with emissions included in the 0-20 g/km range can benefit from a contribution up to 6,000 Euros with scrapping, and up to 4,000 without scrapping, whereas for hybrid vehicles with emissions included between 21-60 g/km they have provided for a contribution up to 2,500 Euros with scrapping and 1,500 Euros without scrapping. Moreover, they have also provided for huge discounts for the purchase of second-hand cars, which therefore have already been registered. The absence of the income criterion, that is to say of the ISEE indicator, makes this economic incentive highly appealing.
The incentive to replace the thermal motor with an electric motor for one’s own car that is over 30-years old goes on, too. The bonus will be by 60%, up to 3,500 Euros, to cover part of the spending for the purchase and the installation of the electric requalification system.