Matas Buzelis, automotive industry expert and Head of Communications at carVertical, a company that collects data for the automotive industry spoke out about the boom in applications for the new electric car incentives. It emerges that the budget for government incentives for electric cars was used in only 9 hours, “This shows how difficult it has been until now for Italians to switch to this type of car. Although this is a tool for financing car buyers that is quite expensive for the state, we think it can be an important factor in increasing the demand for electric cars in the country.”
Reflection leads one to think that those who want to buy a new vehicle could do so even with a lower incentive; those who plan to spend no more than 15,000 euros, on the other hand, could find it difficult without incentives and find electric vehicles simply unaffordable. “It is therefore essential to continue accelerating the demand for used economy-class electric vehicles, especially in large cities where these cars are most in demand,” carVertical added.