Babcock International Group, entrusted by the British Defence Ministry, has chosen the English Electrogenic to redesign, with its proprietary technology, four Land Rover of the British army to equip them with fully electric traction.
Vehicles will be reconverted and then equipped with EV drop-in conversion kits by Electrogenic. Vehicles wil be then tried and tested by the Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU) in a series of experimental scenarios on the battle/military field, which will assess performances on steep terrains, towed and under different climatic conditions.
Corporal Bryan Munce, from the Armoured Trials and Development Unit at MOD Bovington, said: “ATDU is supporting Defence to fully realise the strengths and weaknesses of electric vehicle technology. Mobility performance, exportable power, signature and cost reduction are just some of the considerations we will explore while partnering with Electrogenic and Babcock. In understanding what could enable our forces, it also informs MOD of potential threats to be cognizant of, to enhance our strategic approach.”
“We are immensely proud to be putting our market-leading EV technology to the ultimate test with the British Army and we are delighted to be working with Babcock”, has informed in a press release. The core of company’s offering is the ability to have total control over every element of the electric drivetrain.