Coveme, the San Lazzaro di Savena-based company that is a global top player in surface treatment and polyester film conversion, is investing a lot to enlarge its business: Seventy million euros in the last ten years.
What are the aims? Customers in Sweden, Germany, the United States, Spain, England, and new markets, two production sites in Italy and China, three research and development laboratories in Italy, China, and Germany, a new branch opened in the United States in early April of this year, and 14 production lines.
The latest one, Line 11, inaugurated in Gorizia a few days ago, totals around 300 employees. Line 11 performs various treatments on polyester film to enable customers to use it for subsequent processing in various industries, from screen printing to fashion, automotive to interior design and printed electronics.
From a trading company of insulating materials for the electromechanical industry, Coveme has grown and adapted to the changes in the world around it, becoming a reference point for polyester film processing.
Amedeo Maccolini, CEO of the company said: “Today, to stay on the market and remain competitive, you must invest. We need to employ resources in research and the development of innovative, high-quality, efficient, and sustainable products while expanding our commercial network, seeking new markets. That’s why we opened our new branch in the United States.”