Fiap SpaPneumax Group has released on the market two new modes of stainless-steel synchronous electric motors. “Dertec fo Fpm3ss series stand out for hygiene and efficiency and feature a new Signature Line design that combines the last technologies to achieve the best efficiency and the utmost possible hygiene. These electric motors can also be equipped with encoders  for the speed and position control”, the company explained.  Electric stainless steel synchronous Ac Dertec Signature Line motors series SL4PSS have been developed with the target of improving efficiency, on average higher by about 10%. The current IE3  standard is expected to become more severe in the next future and electric stainless-steel synchronous motors Dertec Signature Line already conform to the foreseen IE4/IE5 standards. Moreover, they offer a high Cos Phi on almost the whole power range. The synchronous operation makes these electric stainless steel motors ideal for the speed and position control.