From the best Italian engineering and industrial tradition stems a flexible innovative reality, by mentality and sizes: Bluergo.
Appreciated on a world scale for the tachometer coils for washing machines and dishwashers, the company proposes solutions also in other sectors, where the diffusion of smart devices is steeply rising: from cooking to conditioning and automotive.

Organized in one factory in Veneto and one in Slovakia, to be close to its customers in Italy, in Europe and in the world, Bluergo proposes a range of solutions that go from stator coils to laminated and electronic transformers, from solenoid valves to tachometer coils, from injector for motors to electromagnets for servomechanisms, from antennas to ferrite wound components and power supplies.

Specialized in the design and production of electronic and electromagnetic components, the company represents a complete response to the requirements of the most different sectors, with customized products featuring a winning quality-price ratio. A high level of competitiveness assured by a team of 100 young and very motivated people, guided by a dynamic management and willing to accept new challenges unceasingly. All that with a significant productive capacity, with automated processes that benefit from an efficient quality management, with control systems that grant the highest standards, thanks to the use of SPC protocols and test equipment during the entire product development cycle.